Andy Hamilton Appointment Expands Leadership Team and Aligns Arlington/Roe for Future Growth

Arlington/Roe, managing general agent and wholesale insurance broker, expands its leadership team and aligns for future growth and perpetuation with the appointment of Andy Hamilton, CIC, as Transportation Manager. Over the past 10 years, Arlington/Roe has grown exponentially from 119 associates to 189 and from $112 million in premium to $215 million. Notably, the company […]

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Public Official Liability

Are you looking for a monoline public official liability solution? Are you struggling to find a market for a hard-to-place public official liability exposure? Before you say no, call Arlington/Roe! We have markets that will consider the following: We also have markets that will consider special risk districts that include but are not limited to: […]

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Excess Insurance

Are your carriers reducing capacity, or do your insureds need excess limits due to a contract requirement? Before you say no, call Arlington/Roe! Carriers are reducing capacity, and some contracts are still requiring higher limits. We have markets that can help with excess coverage in both situations. Contact us for excess coverage which includes, but […]

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Stand alone ERP

We have markets that will offer Stand Alone ERP even if your insured carried no prior coverage.

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Our transportation team can help you address the unique and challenging insurance needs of your clients.

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Directors & Officers

We have options to write non-profit and private company directors & officers (D&O) for companies or organizations that range from standard to hard-to-place accounts.

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