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Start Selling More Cyber Business – A Lot More!

All we need is the business name, address, revenue, website, industry class and whether they have a current cyber policy to get instant quotes from seven different markets in a side-by-side comparison format.

Now is the time to ensure your clients are protected while premiums are still low. You can now secure competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage, fast. When the client is ready to bind, we provide a pre-filled application and help you close.

The Benefits

  1. More Quotes – Easily source several quotes from leading carriers
  2. More Resources – We give you the tools to make presenting coverage easier including glossaries, FAQs and claims scenarios.
  3. More Binders – Seamlessly place more risk with less effort

Two Ways to Get Quotes!

  1. Arlington/Roe Quotes: Send us the six necessary pieces of information and we’ll send you back multiple quotes in a formal proposal.
  2. Agency Quotes: We send you a link for anyone in your office to use to enter the six pieces of information from your desk and you get the quotes in a formal proposal directly. Plus we offer 20% commission on DIY quotes.

Download the Flyer: Cyber Comparative Rater Flyer

Contact us now to start binding more cyber business!