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Management Liability in the COVID-19 pandemic world

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Management Liability underwriters are becoming more restrictive by increasing premiums and restricting terms. Because the world economy was hit hard by this sudden slowdown, insurance carriers are reevaluating their underwriting guidelines. A risk that was acceptable in January or February is now seeing double-digit premium increases if not outright declinations.

Here are a few examples of what underwriters are worried about.

Directors & Officers Liability

Merger or acquisition: litigation over the “new” value of the company being acquired.

Preparation for the pandemic: litigation over the company’s preparation (or lack thereof) for the pandemic. Lost revenue, increased expenses, employee & customer safety, company image, etc.

Employment Practices Liability

Downsizing: Allegations over how the downsizing/furloughed employees were determined (i.e. discrimination).

Recalled Employees: Allegation that employees that were recalled from furlough where chosen (i.e. discrimination).

Cyber Liability

Ransomware: Increased exposure to phishing attacks with a larger number of employees working remotely from home.

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