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In the Know With Arlington/Roe October, 2020

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Our newsletter will keep you up-to-date on our latest product offerings and help you learn more about how we can help you find the right solution. Remember, before you say no, call Arlington/Roe! Click here to access the October, 2020 edition.

Restaurants, Bars, Taverns and Liquor Liability

We’re able to help you place insurance needed to protect your customers who own bars, taverns, restaurants and many other types of food service companies or those with liquor liability exposures. Learn more about the types of coverage we can help with.

Personal Umbrella

Arlington/Roe offers Personal Umbrella and Personal Liability products for financial protection and peace of mind. We have markets for your preferred, standard and high-risk clients.

Commercial Auto Contractors

Whether constructing residential homes, installing cable or providing landscaping services, we have markets that can help with your clients’ commercial auto exposure.

Directors & Officers

Don’t let your insured lose their assets. We have options to write non-profit and private company directors & officers (D&O) coverage for companies or organizations that range from standard to hard-to-place accounts.

We can help you find the right BOND solution!

Our bonds team specializes in the immediate needs of contract, miscellaneous surety and fidelity bond clients.


  • Alcohol / tobacco tax
  • Alcohol serving training
  • Beer tax
  • Beer / liquor / wine distributor
  • Cigarette – distributor
  • Cigarette / distributor / stamp / vendor / wholesaler
  • Distilled spirits liquor sale (on-premises/off-premises)
  • One-day festival license
  • Tobacco / distributor / manufacturer / importer
  • Wine – bonded wine cellar or winery
  • Wine manufacturer / wholesale


  • Bid bonds
  • Contractors license bonds
  • Encroachment
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Out-of-state contractor license
  • Out-of-state contractor tax
  • Performance bonds
  • Right-of-way
  • Road & sewer
  • Wage & welfare (collateral may be required)


  • Fuel tax
  • Highway use
  • ICC broker (BMC-84)
  • Over axle & overweight permit
  • Oversize permit
  • Transporter