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Cyber Risk Management & Insurance

BIZLock provides organizations the expert assistance, value-added consultative services and financial relief needed before, during and after a data breach incident.

It’s an essential program for organizations with:

  • Fewer than 51 full-time employees
  • Less than $10 million in sales
  • No application needed to quote
  • Easy to use slot-rated program
Annual Revenue Liability (Limit/Retention*) $0 – $2.5MM $2.5 – $5MM $5 – $7.5MM $7.5 – $10MM
BIZLock 250 ($250K/$1K) $399 $569 $799 $999
BIZLock 500 ($500K/$1K) $569 $749 $999 $1,249
BIZLock 1000 ($1MM/$1K) $999 $1,249 $1,499 $1,699

Cyber Protection Program Highlights


  • Limit: up to $1M aggregate/year
  • Retention: $1k per incident
  • Loss/Theft of Personal and/or Business Data
  • Failure to Disclose/Notify
  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties
  • Cyber Extortion
  • PCI DSS Fines and Related Contractual Obligations ($250k sublimit)
  • Website/Media Liability for libel, slander and certain related website risks
  • Loss Mitigation/Event Management including Law Firm/Breach Coach, PR Firm, Forensics, Consumer Notifications and Consumer Remedies for identity theft education and assistance, victim cost reimbursement insurance and credit file or identity monitoring (sublimit 50% of liability limit)

Breach Expense Protection for eBusiness Network

Service title
Interruption and Data Reconstruction. Separate limits provided up to $500k (Retention: $1,000)

Employee Personal Identification Protection (Automatic)

  • Victim Resolution Services (VRS) and more
  • $15k limit/$0 deductible


  • 24/7 Tech Support Hotline (limited)
  • Unlimited Access to Human Resources Modules
  • Risk Assessments, Written Policies/Templates Incident Response Plan
  • Keystroke Encryption Software
Data Breach Incident Response on Demand 24/7
Cyber liability is gaining recognition among business owners as a common and glaring insurance exposure. Cyber claims of many varieties are increasing in frequency and severity. Gain the trust of your clients by offering Cyber Liability and leaning on Arlington/Roe to aid you in finding the coverage and support they should have. We at Arlington/Roe recognize the significance of this rapidly growing and evolving risk and we are dedicated to being a leading provider of the right solutions. John Immordino, John Immordino, RPLU, CIC, CRM, CIPP/US, CPL, Vice President, Professional Liability

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