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Media Liability Insurance

Media liability insurance protects the insured against claims arising out of the gathering and communication of information, and is critical to any media organization. The variety of claims being asserted against the media, and the size of jury verdicts against media organizations, is constantly on the increase.

Our carriers can uniquely tailor a policy for the needs of your clients who wish to protect themselves and their business in today’s litigious climate.

Coverage can include:

  • Defamation: Arises from false information that is communicated to others and damages a person's reputation or business. Allegations made in lawsuits include libel, meaning defamation in print or by broadcast; slander, meaning defamation by way of oral communication; and trade libel, meaning print or broadcast defamation of a business or a product.
  • Product defamation: The demeaning of performance or value of a product.
  • Personal disparagement: Involves damage to community or business activities as a result of a publication or broadcast.
  • Invasion or infringement: Interference with the right of privacy or publicity including intrusion, public disclosure of private facts, unwarranted or wrongful publicity, false light, or the use of name or likeness for profit. Invasion of privacy laws vary widely from state to state, and the law often is unclear within a given state.

We work with carriers who offer broad coverage, great service and stable markets, all at competitive prices.  

Some, but not all, of the classes we have placed are:

  • Publishers and broadcasters of instructional material
  • Trademark infringement, personal injury liability or unfair competition claims
  • Electronic transmission
  • Researching, exhibition, serialization and material distribution services
  • Electronic publishing services and any other entity engaged in preparing materials for publication and republication
  • Television and radio stations, motion picture companies, cable and satellite broadcasters
  • Advertising industries

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