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We have carriers who can provide a full range of coverage and services for all types of public entities, including cities, counties, utilities, and schools.  Public officials liability and employment practices liability, school leaders legal liability, law enforcement liability, 911/ emergency dispatchers liability, and firefighters' professional liability are a few of the coverages we can offer. 

This coverage is needed to protect municipalities and other entities from liability.  Suits can be brought for discrimination in selecting, promoting, disciplining or dismissing employees.  Mismanagement of, or improper administration of, funds, grants, or budgets and improper granting or denying of franchises, permits or licenses are other targets of recent litigation.

With the increasing number of suits and the large awards being made, this coverage is essential to protecting insureds from financial loss.

Coverages may include:

  • Third party EPL coverage
  • Punitive damages (where allowable by law)
  • Wrongful acts definition -- includes civil rights violations

Classes include:

  • Municipalities
  • School boards

Key Coverages

  • Public entity management liability insurance (PEML) 
  • Law enforcement liability insurance 
  • Public entity employment practices liability insurance (EPL) 

Please contact our other departments for:

  • Public entity general liability insurance 
  • Public entity cyber liability insurance 
  • Workers' compensation insurance 
  • First party insurance 
  • Umbrella

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