Product Overview


Direct Bill Many of our companies offer direct bill and several more are coming in the near future.  Direct bill is currently available in personal lines, work comp and some commercial accounts.  If direct bill is available, our underwriter/broker will discuss with you.

  • Direct Bill Commission Payments – Commission checks are sent monthly on those accounts that have payments received and processed by the insurance company and remitted to us.  Arlington/Roe combines all monthly direct bill activity onto one monthly statement and one monthly commission check.  If the check amount is less than $25, it will not be issued but rather rolled forward until the next month(s) that the $25 threshold is crossed.  If the commission statement is a credit, ie return commission due back to us, it will be offset against any activity in the current and future months to offset.  If after a few months the amount still remains, your agency will be sent notification and asked for payment.

Agency Bill – All other accounts, including those premium financed, will appear on our monthly agency bill statement.  This statement is sent to your agency the first part of the month for the previous month’s activity and is due into our office by the 20th of the month.  If payment is not received by the 20th of the month, cancellation procedures may be initiated.  Please note that in certain instances our markets dictate a shorter payment term than the standard 20th of the following month.  If this is the case we must have payment within this shorter time frame or cancellation may be initiated. Please refer to the information in our Payment Terms document should you have any questions regarding this.

Premium Financing – Please refer to our premium finance page for information relating to our in house premium finance options via Bank Direct Capital Finance.  As per state insurance law, return premium on premium financed policies are sent directly to the premium finance company.

Brokerage Agreement – In order to do business with Arlington/Roe, a signed brokerage agreement is required.  We will not bind any policy without having an active agreement on file.

Tax ID # -  Federal law requires us to collect and maintain tax ID numbers for all agents via a W2 form.  We are unable to remit commissions to your agency unless a valid W2 form is on file with us.

1099 Form – 1099 forms are sent at the beginning of the calendar year to those agencies that are not incorporated whose commission income is greater than $600.  If your agency is a corporation or does not exceed the $600 threshold, a 1099 form will not be generated.

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to contact our accounting department at 800-878-9891.