Product Overview

Becoming A Producer

Arlington/Roe is a managing general agency and wholesale insurance broker headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with offices located in Louisville, Kentucky; Geneva, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Grandville, Michigan and Springfield, Missouri. Our main operating departments include Aviation, Bonds, Commercial Underwriting & Brokerage, Farm, Personal Lines, Professional Liability, Transportation & Garage, Medical Professional and Workers' Compensation. We encourage you to view the following link to learn more about our organization and product offerings. Arlington/Roe Product Guide

Long-term agency and company relationships have been and will continue to be essential to our reputation, success and growth. While Arlington/Roe’s target marketing area is the Midwest, and Upper Midwest, particularly the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin and Iowa, we can also partner with agents outside this general area for specific types of products. For example, our Aviation, Brokerage and Professional Liability departments have the ability to write risks on a countrywide basis. In addition, our other departments such as Personal Lines, Commercial Lines Underwriting and Transportation have certain products that are also available on a national and international basis. If you are interested in obtaining an agency appointment with Arlington/Roe, please review the below information and complete the required documentation for your appropriate state. 

All forms are fillable and can be completed from your desktop. Once the appointment documentation is completed, it can be sent via email to Bethany Sykes, Brittany Noller, or Amanda Koluch please note that our Brokerage Agreement is only provided to those agents approved to do business with Arlington/Roe. A copy of our draft agreement and payment terms can be provided for agents upon request.


All States Appointment Documentation and Checklist
Brokerage Application Package         
Copy of Agency's E&O Dec Pages (Minimum limit of $1 million is required)        
Corporate & Individual Agent P&C Licenses        
If contract is approved, return a copy of signed Brokerage Agreement